Find your Natural Wood Flooring

Find your Natural Wood Flooring

01 Jun 2021

Wood is a raw material, one of the first to be transformed and used by human beings. Actually, it is still used and transformed, with a complex processes that allow us to get the best while being careful with the environment. 

In Step and Wall we offer a catalog of up to 49 references of different species and finishes in wood and today we would like to talk a little about each one, in general terms.

Oak is a strong wood with great bending qualities. It has a very good presence and is widely used in parquet, flooring or some types of furniture.

Pine wood is easy to work with, cheap compared to most and has a uniform texture. It is commonly used in joinery, paneling, furniture and moldings. 

Ash, although a hardwood, has excellent flexibility when exposed to steam. It is widely used in joinery and curved elements. Slightly pinkish or grayish cream in color.

If we mention Grissard, we are talking about the wood that is subtracted from poplar, and versatility is the most remarkable quality of this wood. All thanks to the lightness of the wood and the ease with which it can be worked. It withstands conditions of high humidity and cold, and thanks to the existence of subspecies, we can find distinctions in its specifications. 

Eucalyptus is known for its rapid growth and has a great potential for exploitation that is counterbalanced by its bad reputation. It subtracts a wood of great resistance, suitable even for exteriors, but difficult to work. 

Walnut wood is extremely hard and dark brown in color. Widely used for the manufacture of panels, some types of furniture, ornaments or turned elements. It is one of the less dense and harder woods. Very appreciated in the market.

Bamboo is a very special plant. Although it is not a tree to the use, from the bamboo we subtract the cane, which is what is used as wood, and for such difference, we can find some particularities in its characteristics. Although it may seem impossible, bamboo has a higher resistance than oak according to the Janka scale. It is easy to work and flexible.

Cherry wood, in principle, has pinkish brown colors, but it darkens with time to reach reddish tones. It is more delicate than oak or walnut but has good resistance to decay. 

Jatoba is a quality choice, with great hardness and durability. Good quality/price ratio. It is commonly used for flooring or decking. Color from light orange-brown to reddish-brown.  

As for chestnut, this wood has similarities with oak, although it is of medium hardness, strong and elastic. It has a long history in furniture and door making. Its color is light brown, ocher.

Sucupira is a hard and heavy wood, with brown tones, mainly demanded for demanding uses such as flooring, construction and boat building. 

So, we leave you some basic notions of the wood catalog that we work in Step and Wall, if you have any questions or you are interested in knowing something more specific, do not hesitate to contact us!