Five colors that will contribute to your well-being at home

Five colors that will contribute to your well-being at home

08 Jan 2019

The first step when starting a decorating project is to analyse the space, the light and choose the colour palette that will guide the project. Ideally, you will choose 2 or 3 neutral colours and a contrasting tone that complements them. The floor has to then combine with all of them since it represents the largest surface of square meters together with the walls and it needs to tie it all together.

Each colour will create a different mood and therefore, depending on what we are looking for, we recommend one or other colour: 

Beige: the great variety of beige tones are always a success for neutral spaces in which a classic and simple style is sought. With these tones you will be able to create sensations of tranquility, order and purity. From the lightest shade, to a darker beige almost mink, they are all easy to accentuate with furniture, bedding or art that will help you design a more personal space. Beige never disappoints. #Cream Oak #Iceberg Oak #Glacier Oak #Cuartz Oak #Nacre Oak #Sun Oak #Bamboo 

Terracotta: a colour made up of light red, light orange and light browns, but with autumnal nuances that add to its warm style. This tone facilitates social relationships so it will contribute to encourage long conversations within familiar and cozy environments. Its complementary is the navy blue, so, in certain areas, you can play with the contrast. #Honey Oak #Dune Oak #Sand Oak #Amber Oak #Japer Oak #Earth Oak #Magma Oak #Vintage Pine #Saturn Walnut #Iron Oak #Caramel Bamboo

Green: one of our favourites. The color of nature, the one that inspires us in all its tones and the one that brings hope and comfort. From the lightest one that contributes to creating a feeling of well-being and freshness, to the most intense that reinforces self-esteem. Green is a winner. #Natural Collection # #Geyser Oak #Stone Oak #Crater Oak #Steel Oak #Old Ash #Olivato Ash

Gray: a neutral tone that is not necessarily cold, but encourages creativity and produces a sense of balance. That is why it is mostly used in offices or public spaces, but at home, combined properly, it is also a guaranteed success. The advantage of this colour is that you can add practically any other tone and achieve a modern yet cozy design. #Cincer Oak #Storm Oak #Thunder Oak #Pearl Oak #Slate Oak #Bark Oak #Washed Oak

Blue: if you are looking for an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, blue is what you need. It enables a relaxing atmosphere, it reminds us of the sea, holidays, childhood... In darker tones, so fashionable lately, it brings sophistication and depth, allowing a time for reflection and tranquility. #Smoke Eucalyptus #Candle Oak #Natural Pine #Coal Oak