Natural wood flooring, key to the energy efficiency of your home

Natural wood flooring, key to the energy efficiency of your home

05 Jul 2021

We are going to explain how and why it is a good decision to put your natural wood floor at home. We don't want to talk about technicalities, but what we are all interested in the end is to have a cosy home and even better if we can reduce the bills, right? 

Well, wood is a thermal insulator, which breaks the thermal bridges produced by other floors, allowing you to save on energy costs for heating or air conditioning. Also the manufacture of the floor itself requires much less energy than other materials. 

Most natural wood floors have their own certifications, which indicate the origin and manufacturing process of the floors, in an environmentally conscious way. As in the case of Step & Wall these can be the PEFC, FSC and energy efficiency certificates

Wood is a recyclable and very durable material, which makes it a long-term investment, a small commitment to the environment in terms of resource consumption. It is also biodegradable.

With minimal maintenance, it will look nice and last a long time, especially with today's highly specialised products. The investment in this aspect will be minimal.

It can also provide health benefits, due to the reduction of humidity produced by this material.