Which is the best covering material to my floor?

Which is the best covering material to my floor?

29 Oct 2021

We can found some many materials which we can covering our home floor. Tech evolution allows us to get the best versión of each them.

The first step is to think about the use that will be made of each area, because it is an important fact to know the kind of floor we need. After that and with this article, you are going to be prepared to take the final decission.

We are going to talk about the most common and famous floor covering materials, to get a general vision of them.

Suelo de Piedra

  • Natural Stone floor: Stone is a very resistant material to impact, wear and tear, temperature changes and other factors. In addition, it requires little maintenance, it could last a lifetime without needing to be replaced. It is a good thermal and acoustic insulator. One of the main disadvantages of the stone is its high price, and also in the winter months, it may not be pleasant to the cold touch. National average Price is between 50-60 €/m2.

Suelo de cerámica

  • Ceramic floor: They present a capacity of impermeability and resistance to wear and tear that has impressed everyone. They are made of pressed ceramic, so their porosity is minimal. Within this type we must highlight the porcelain floors that have become a trend as well. The great advantage of these floors is their superior strength and durability. The national average price of ceramic tiles is between 15-35€/m2, while porcelain stoneware is 25-40€/m2.

Suelo de Madera natural

  • Natural Wood floor: On a wooden floor, those who have tried it will surely already know its charming advantages. We are talking about a natural material that offers incredible termal and acoustic characteristics, in addition to retransmitting a feeling of warmth and reconciliation with nature to the touch. Even being a natural material, there is a wide range of species and “designs” to choose from, each with its unique properties and aesthetics, able to adapt to any situation. The national average price of wood flooring ranges between 30-80 €/m2.

Suelo Laminado

  • Laminated floor: Laminated floors are the easy and cheap option, affordable to everyone. Plastic, as we all know, has an incredible capacity for adaptation according on the user needs. It is an artificial material and will never be as pleasant to the touch as natural stone or wood.

If you are interested on a real wood flooring and you want to know more, you can have a look to our article of Types of Wooden Floors and get deeper information.