Floors for commercial use

Floors for commercial use

16 Mar 2022

In other Step & Wall articles we have already commented the difference between use classifications 31, 32 and 33, which are characterized by their use in a commercial environment, indicating a more intensive use. The classification for private use are usually 21, 22, 23.

Well, today we are going to focus on those commercial premises with intensive use, so we are going to talk about floors with protected pore finish, which in our catalog correspond to class 32 and 33. If you are thinking of renovating your office and give it a warm and cozy touch, stay and read this article.

We will summarize the most important advantages offered by Step & Wall wood floors for commercial use:

· Resistance: The installation in comercial sites must be prepared and studied for intensive use. Our floors already start from a consistent base thanks to the HDF core and a thin wooden veneer. In addition, if we add to this the protected pore finish, which adds additional layers of varnish on the wood, we obtain a floor prepared for high traffic, more resistant abrasion.

A 0.6 mm wood veneer is mounted on this HDF board, which is more resistant to impacts than the 3 mm thick wood flooring.

· Durability: The protected pore ensures special protection by closing the open pores of the wood veneer. This type of product is guaranteed for 20 years, 5 years longer than brushed pore.
Aesthetics: The natural wood floors are characterized by the selection of unique and inimitable slats, where you will not find a repeating pattern in the drawing of its grain. The protected pore will leave a soft touch of the wood.

· Customization: Thanks to the Unifit X system, which allows a simple installation, by ourselves or with the help of a professional, we have the possibility to play with different plank formats and designs, creating completely unique spaces. Make your space completely yours and be recognized everywhere with your unique style.