How to avoid scratches on wooden floors

How to avoid scratches on wooden floors

09 Aug 2022
When you install a natural wood floor at home is because you have decided to invest in a quality floor and comfort in your own home, because you care and because you want it to be perfect always. Probably you have chosen a floor that looks perfect and matches the whole environment according to your style. But if you have pets, exploring children, people moving here and there continuously, this will facilitate the wear of the material and if you are not careful, sometimes you can damage the floor due to small scuffs or scratches.

For this reason it is necessary to carry out a correct cleaning of the floor and take into account some tips that we leave you below.

1. To place carpets
The carpets, in addition to its aesthetic side, are also a perfect protective measure to prevent wear of your wooden floor. If you take into account the busiest areas of your house, you can put a carpet according to size and appearance that can protect these sensitive areas.

2. Use felt for the furniture
Surely you have already found them in some self-assembly furniture, hardware stores or DIY stores. These pieces are specially designed for this type of surfaces. The best thing would be to use them from the day of installation of your floor for a perfect care with the furniture, which are known creators of scratches on the floors.

3. To have a doormat at the entrance
Other big creators of scratches in the floors are the gravels and other dirt that we bring in our footwear dragged from the street. That is why it is essential to have this piece at the entrance of your house to clean your shoes and avoid those scratches that can spoil your beloved floor.

4. Barefoot at home
The habit of going barefoot at home is becoming more and more widespread because wooden floors are very grateful in this aspect, warm in winter and cool in summer, they keep a good room temperature and the touch is pleasant to bare feet. Some people also choose to walk in slippers or sandals. In addition to avoiding damage to the floor, we contribute to better hygiene in our home.