Dark floors: a declaration of intentions

Dark floors: a declaration of intentions

18 Feb 2019

Step by step, the trend of dark flooring is growing strong. Despite the belief that light is reduced, a dark floor brings depth and warmth and when used correctly, you will create a luminous and elegant space.

The key is to find the balance in the contrast. If you complement a dark floor with white walls and ceilings (better a broken white or a white bone so it is not too cold), you will make the floor reflect the light and create a general feeling of clarity and warmth. Another trick is to use furniture and accessories in light and neutral tones so that they stand out and take center stage. However, as in decoration there are many options, you can also choose to put a table or chairs with legs in a similar tone to the ground, and so get them to melt and generate a lightness effect, it will seem that the furniture floats. For bolder tastes you can always use bright colours in decorative accessories such as rugs or cushions that will stand out much more with a dark background.

Where to use dark floors? In large rooms, the dark tones are luxurious whereas in the smallest, an intimate and sophisticated style is created. Any home or business will benefit from the aesthetics of these floors. And with what styles does it work better? In minimalist environments with straight lines, it serves as a perfect counterpoint since it provides that cozy touch that balances the modern style. In more traditional styles, it adds comfort and generates a rustic aesthetic that has been much appreciated lately.

In short, the dark floors are more versatile than it initially seems and that is why at Step & Wall we offer a range of grays, blacks and dark browns. Our advantage is that, as wood lovers, we preserve the vein pattern so that we can still appreciate it over the colour, avoiding plain tones without depth.