How to maximize light through the use of flooring: good reasons under your feet

How to maximize light through the use of flooring: good reasons under your feet

26 Mar 2019

More important than the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or having a dream kitchen, the light in our house will affect our mood and our perception of what surrounds us. An uncluttered space will look wider or a dark piece of furniture will look dirtier depending on the light as it has the power to enhance virtues or defects.

First of all, it is important to properly choose the direction of the floor planks. With the right orientation you will create a uniform effect in which wood’s natural characteristics will be highlighted, whereas the wrong direction will make you see the installation defects in bevels or joints if there are any.

The main criteria to decide in what directions should the planks be placed is the existence of a corridor. Planks should run parallel to the corridor so that the total length of the board is displayed. Many people arrange the floor perpendicular to the corridor with the misguided idea of ​​creating a wider optical effect, but this hinders possible repairs and creates an aesthetic that is not ideal by having all planks in parallel and with no joints.

If there is no corridor, the next key criteria is the entry of light into the home. Again, the boards should be placed parallel to the light input whenever possible to highlight the benefits of the wood, the finishes you may have and the extra long dimensions that distinguishes Step & Wall.

Secondly, the colour you choose will also affect the overall brightness. Our Mineral collection contains a range of colours including cream, honey, brown and gray tones that allow you to lose yourself in choice. The lighter the shade, the more it will reflect natural light, but you have to find the right tone balance added by the wood to avoid falling into an excessively cold environment.

Finally, keeping things in order and clean is important. Regardless of you having many or few pieces of furniture to fill the space, try not to accumulate things on the floor such as shoes, toys or any other object that can "cover" the light that bounces off the floor.

Waking up in a bright home will encourage you to start the day well and having the right flooring can help reinforce that feeling.