Frequent Questions

· Ecology: we live in a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. Step and Wall claims the value of natural materials as a constructive element. That’s why it has developed a technology by which the amount of wood needed is minimal. This natural resource is optimised and waste is reduced. In addition, we mainly use local species, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

· Natural Product: Natural wood is no longer a luxury. Its ability to provide warmth and create a pleasant domestic environment, comes together with great benefits: antibacterial, hygienic properties, and low emission of organic compounds. All this improves the quality of the air you breathe. The wood has a natural touch, a solid sound and an aesthetic that has nothing to do with synthetic products that try to imitate real wood.

· Design: our wide range of designs, helps you choose the style that best suits your home. From light tones to dark, chic or more rustic floors, you will find the floor that fits your lifestyle. Tradition and innovation united in a single product.

This is a floor thought mainly for the domestic environment, or for commercial use of medium to high intensity. We do not recommended to install Step and Wall in areas where there is presence of humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Both options are possible. Thanks to its patented union system (Unifit-x) it is very easy to install. No special adhesives or knowledge of carpentry is needed.

The look, the touch and the texture are the same, but you use 5 times less wood than in hardwood flooring. In addition to the great ecological advantages, its core is made with a board of great hardness and impact resistance improving the overall properties of solid wood.

As it is a floor that does not need to be periodically resanded you just need to follow the care instructions that we have indicated and try to avoid mops or mops with excess moisture.
To avoid scratches, we recommend placing a doormat at the entrance, to protect it from gravel or any other element that may damage the surface. In addition, we recommend that you put protection under furniture or chairs with wheels.

STEP AND WALL is a floor suitable for this type of heating. Please read carefully the installation instructions.

Yes, a guarantee of 15 years for the floor with a brushed pore, and another 20 for floors with protected pore.

STEP & WALL is a natural wood floor, so the variations are our virtue and our beauty. Unlike imitation materials, in STEP & WALL each plank looks different from the other. There will never be two equal patterns and your floor will be unique.
The material, as a living element, reacts with the irradiation of sunlight, which can generate changes in its colour. This is not considered a flooring defect, but a normal effect that comes from the fact of using a flooring of natural origin.