Natural Wood Flooring


Total thickness 12 mm

Step & Wall Characteristics

The eight-coat BONA varnish finish is our floor’s protective shield against agrassion and daily wear and tear.

Natural wood veneer of 0,6 mm. Enjoy the same wood floor while taking care of the environment and with an extra protection against impacts.

HDF core. The support of our floor is a high density high peformance board. Good resistance and durability.

A high performance glue pimer ensures a strong bond between the wood and the varnish to ensure the protection of the floor.

Under the HDF support, a 0,6 mm natural wood backing helps stabilize the assembly.

The 2 mm cork reinforcement is a plus that provides unbeatable acoustic peformance. Greater comfort and good termal insulation.


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Brushed Pore

Brushed Pore

Brushed pore is the finish that highlights the texture of natural wood at the surface. By applying our matt varnish, it is posible to protect the floor from friction without losing the appearance of natural wood.

15 years Warranty

Protected Pore

The protected pore flooring is varnished with a layer which is even more resistant to wear and dirt. It is ideal fo high traffic environments.

20 years Warranty
Protected Pore

Feel, step by step, the confidence of a natural wood floor, which fuses cutting-edge technology with a good quality product and careful design.