Comfort and Durability

Care and Maintenance

Step & Wall floor is a varnished natural wood floor. This varnish provides protection against scratches, wear, etc.
In order to maintain the protection level of the product, with optimal characteristics, please take into account the following maintenance tips:
· Place pieces of felt under the legs of the chairs.
· Put a protective carpet cover under chairs with wheels.
· Place a doormat if the floor is installed right in the entrance.


It is recommended to clean frequently with a dry mop or broom to avoid the presence of dirt, gravel, or other elements that may scratch the surface.


Multipurpose cleaners tend to create a matt layer on the surface so we recommend not to use them. If you need to apply a cleaning product, please check directly the products provided by our varnish manufacturer at www.bona.com.
Do not use wet cleaning products but if there is no other option drain the mop as much as possible to avoid excess water.

Reviving the Appearance of the Varnish

In case of excessive wear or scratches, it is possible to use a varnish restorer in order to repair or lessen the worn appearance. We especially recommend the restorer provided by our own manufacturer www.bona.com.
Step & Wall’s recommendation is to apply this product four times a year, only after having cleaned thoroughly the flooring.