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XL Formats

In Step&Wall we offer different formats that can be combined with each other so you can choose the best option for your project.

Among them we can find slats up to 2420 x 265 mm, XL formats and unique in the market.

Step&Wall formats
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Step & Wall

Optimization of resources

At Step&Wall we sustainably manage our forests. We use five times less resources than a traditional 3 mm floor. This allows us to offer a product of equal quality and even better characteristics and price.

High impact and scratch resistance

The 0,6 mm thick natural wood veneer, pressed on a high-performance HDF board, ensures superior resistance to traditional flooring.

The eight-layer BONA varnish finish also ensures extra protection against surface scratches and daily wear and tear.

Step & Wall - High Resistance

Easy installation thanks to UNIFIT X

Thanks to the patented UNIFIT X technology, we offer a product that allows an easy installation within the reach of anyone. Install your floor in a simple way, thanks to the click system.

UNIFIT X union

Mix & Match

Thanks to the UNIFIT X system, we have the opportunity to create unique and customized projects.

This means that we will be able to combine different designs and formats from the Step & Wall flooring catalogue, leaving the good taste in your hands.

Step & Wall - Mix and Match
Step & Wall - Mix and Match
Underfloor heating

Suitable for underfloor heating

Step & Wall floors transmit heat optimally and are therefore suitable for use in homes with underfloor heating and tolerate up to a maximum surface temperature of 27 ℃.

Feel, step by step, the confidence of a natural wood floor, which fuses cutting-edge technology with a product of good quality and careful design.