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Step & Wall Characteristics

Top Resistance and Smart Benefits

Natural Wood Floors - Layers Step & Wall

Step & Wall is formed, first of all, by a thin layer of natural wood. This veneer has a high quality primer to ensure better adhesion with the 8 coats of varnish. These facilitate the final protection of the floor.

The middle layer is HDF, a board that provides excellent strength and durability properties. Finally, a backing of natural wood veneer to ensure stability. This last layer is covered with a sheet of cork of 2 mm (available in lengths of 1.80 m, 2,2 m and 2.42 m). This is how we achieve a floor with excellent acoustic performance: foot steps are felt as firm and solid, even better than in a 3mm hardwood floor. Cork increases comfort produced by natural wood flooring, and it is a sustainable, ecological material with a very efficient sound and thermal insulation. In addition, it is odourless and resistant to chemical agents and light.


0.6 mm flooring has the highest impact resistance due to the hardness and durability provided by the high density fiber board (HDF). This board has a much better performance than 3 mm hardwood flooring.


Step & Wall floors can optimally transmit heat, which is why they are suitable for use in homonth with underfloor heating. They tolerate up to a maximum surface temperature of 27 ºC.


Our Brushed Pore is a finish that highlights the texture of natural wood. By applying our matt varnish, it is possible to protect the floor from friction without losing the appearance of natural wood.

Protected Pore flooring is varnished with a layer which is even more resistant to wear and dirt. It is ideal for commercial environments.


We apply a special wax to protect our floors against moisture in the most exposed areas of the click union