Decoration styles, which one is yours?

Decoration styles, which one is yours?

17 Jun 2021

The ground comes before the roof, but even so, today we are going to get to know ourselves a little better.

"The home is not only real estate, it is also a form of spiritual consolidation". 

This is how Mario Benedetti explained his way of understanding the home. A brick is a brick, but a home is a manifestation of the emotions, experiences and intentions of those who live in it. A style of decoration in a house can tell us a lot about a person, and today we are going to see which are the most common styles or trends nowadays.

Classic decoration style

For sophisticated people who look for infinite ceilings with chandeliers, thick curtains and furniture that stands out mainly for its ornamentation, where excess and the exaggerated display of beauty and craftsmanship is fundamental. Noble woods, silver cutlery, all the elements are important to reinforce the image of power and class.

Classic Style

Minimalist decoration style

The main idea of this trend is the search for simplification to the maximum and to dispense with any excess element. Perfect for modern environments that seek a calm and elegant life, simplicity above all, avoiding even the appearance of colour in excess, neutral tones are predominant.

Estilo Minimalista

Ethnic decoration style

The search is for a breakaway, tribal, ethnic culture. This style is usually composed of spaces filled with elements from other cultures, functional or decorative, but which have an evident presence in the home. They evoke warm and luminous atmospheres with an aesthetic attached to the earth and the local culture through handcrafted elements. 

Estilo Étnico

Nordic decoration style

Probably the most sought after decorative trend in recent years. In this style, pastel and neutral tones predominate, giving the rooms a calm atmosphere that combines perfectly with the good taste and industrial design of its surroundings. Ornamentation is avoided and soft contrasts are sought. The main resource for decoration is wood.

Estilo Nórdico

Industrial decoration style

The industrial style is characterised by the use of "raw" or industrial materials such as iron, wood, cement, concrete and other building materials as the basis for our future home. The history dates back to the 1950s in New York, when artists began to move into the city's abandoned factories and warehouses in search of space and light to work in.

Estilo Industrial

Wabi Sabi decoration style

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic term that refers to the beauty of imperfection. This term has become so popular that it has managed to create its own stream of inspiration for many when it comes to decorating their homes. With an ironic tone, cracks in walls, knocks on objects and the marks of time take centre stage here.

Estilo Wabi Sabi

Japanese decoration style

Japanese decoration is based on a perfect balance between the harmony of space and comfort. Based on a principle of sobriety, the most important thing is to make everything fit in its place perfectly, discarding excesses and seeking the peace and tranquillity typical of Japanese culture.

Estilo Japonés

Provençal decoration style

Who can imagine their ideal country house without thinking of this style? The outdoor table for breakfast, the wooden chairs or similar, surrounded by nature... Here what is clear is that the appearance of light and the inspiration in nature make this a pleasant and cosy rustic style for any guest.

Estilo Provenzal

Mediterranean decoration style

Just like the atmosphere we find around it, this is a style typical of coastal environments, with elements characteristic of summer, heat and sea. It usually opts for blue and white tones that provide freshness and clarity, homogeneity in the whole and usually integrate very well in its environment. The Mediterranean style is carefree, it does not seek perfection but the freshness of a cheerful and natural atmosphere.

Estilo Mediterráneo