3D printing flooring

3D printing flooring

29 Jun 2021

Future has arrived to flooring business too. Technology Company Aectual will manufacture 3D printed floors in a sustainable way. This technology allows to make unique and personalized designs for large areas. They used terrazo as material. First floor will be placed at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

We make it possible to create your own design for spectacular floors in, for example, a hotel lobby, or for a striking retail brand

says Hans Vermeulen, CEO of Aectual.

This gives designers complete design freedom

There is a catalogue that offers a special pattern selection to clients, which is going to be adapted to each project. Unique details can easily be added to emphasize special areas, branding and routing.

This innovation is possible thanks to physical and software tools that have evolved to develop a 3D printed XL floor. Technology is a major factor, providing the customer with an easy, affordable and reliable design process, as well as reducing the installation period. In terms of material, it is a bio-agglutinating terrazzo, with a wide range of colours and fillers that leave us with a bio-printed plastic floor with recycled materials and an unparalleled finish. They are of high quality and resistant to wear and tear.

During Dutch Design Week Aectual presents the unique digital production process, and a selection of floor patterns, including the design for the Schiphol floor. On Sunday, October 29, Aectual celebrates its official launch with the ‘Democratizing Design Debate’ in which several well-known architects and designers of DDW, will speak with the audience about the influence of digital technology on design.