Why Wooden Floors Creak

Why Wooden Floors Creak

19 Sep 2022
Surely it has ever happened to you that walking on a natural wood floor, it emits an annoying noise like a creaking sound when you step on it. Well, do not worry because this is very common in the floors of this material and today we will explain the causes and possible solutions.

Wood, being an unprocessed natural material, which is extracted directly from nature, can be affected by weather variations, and that means that it is susceptible to expand and contract with heat or cold. It is a material that we have to treat with care and special affection, since it can also affect the useful life of the same, and therefore of our floor. To take advantage of all the properties of our wooden floor and keep it in optimal conditions, we must take care of the temperature and humidity in the terms specified by the manufacturer, as it may vary depending on the type of product, wood, etc.. The creaking noises that we mentioned at the beginning are due to a state of excessive dryness of the wood, in which when a weight is placed on it, it creaks due to the friction it produces.

Obviously, to avoid these noises we should not "wet" the floor ourselves, pouring water or other similar solutions because, BEWARE! This could damage our floor, rendering it completely useless because it can swell. What we must try to do is to maintain optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. The floor itself has a degree of humidity that facilitates an optimal use of it and avoids these famous noises.