Real Wood Flooring on 2.2 mm

Real Wood Flooring on 2.2 mm

03 Mar 2023
We have already changed the traditional flooring with our standard 0.6 mm natural wood on top layer. Well, we are delighted to present our new products, STEP & WALL MAX and STEP & WALL +WOOD.
We have been developing these new collections for some time, which are more eye-catching for the traditional market, because of their remarkable 2.2 mm top veneer, almost 4 times thicker than our standard product.
More natural wood in your home.
These new collections will be available in 12 designs, with our standard matt and brushed finish. For other finishes just ask us.
We also offer the option to choose the veneer quality from 3 different classifications which we have divided into: Select, Knotty and Rustic.

Step&Wall MAX

In the case of Step & Wall MAX, we also have an HDF core and a backing veneer in same thickness of 2.2 mm for a total thickness of 13 mm.
The same essence as always but more natural wood. Click installation just like the Step & Wall as always.
This collection is available in the formats 2200 x 185 x 13 | 2000 x 185 x 13 | 1800 x 140 x 13 (mm).

Step&Wall +WOOD

In the case of Step & Wall +WOOD, we will find the same 2.2 mm top veneer, with the difference that we will use a plywood core, to achieve a total thickness of 14 mm.
In this version we will use tongue and groove system to fit the slats together.
This collection is available in the formats 2212 x 185 x 14 | 2012 x 185 x 14 | 1812 x 140 x 14 (mm).