Discover walnut wood floors

Discover walnut wood floors

22 Aug 2023
Performance of wooden floors is great thanks to their hardness, being a natural thermal and sound insulator, flexible, warm and pleasant to the touch as well as resistant. They stand out for their elegance, their versatility and for all the personality they give to each of the spaces in which they are installed. All these characteristics make them perfect to dress both your home and commercial areas.

In Step & Wall we love natural wood, thats why we work under an exhaustive control, with real traceability, from the forest until each of the planks reach our customers with a really good quality-price ratio and always respecting the environment.

By choosing a Step & Wall wooden floor, you are also choosing environmentally friendly spaces, in which nature will be the protagonist. Resistance and comfort, the multilayer structure of our floors, designed on a high density board (HDF) add resistance and durability to the attractiveness of this type of flooring.

Preserving the beauty and characteristics of this material, all our models preserve the originality and diversity of nature, which is why no two planks are the same, in the same way that no two trees are the same.

Types of walnut wood

The first thing we should know about walnut wood is that there is not only one species, currently there are more than 20 types of walnut wood marketed with different origins and particular characteristics each one of them. We are going to talk about three of the most demanded species:
  • Spanish or European walnut wood
  • American walnut wood
  • the tropical walnut, typical of Central America and the north of South America.
European walnut wood. Unique beauty and value
In spite of being known as Spanish or European walnut, the first thing to know about this species is that it is a tree originating in Asia, some authors place its origin in Persia while others do so in China or Japan. The walnut is a very corpulent tree whose trunks can reach two metres in circumference diameter and five metres in length, with a total height of around 20-25 metres, and which can live for 200-300 years. It is a slow-growing tree, which, together with the quality of its wood, gives it a high price, in accordance with its quality. Its shape is very curious, with a very wide crown composed by strong and wide branches that look like small versions of these trees by themselves.

Due to its beauty and characteristics, it is a wood that is highly appreciated for carpenters. Its touch, once worked, is so soft and smooth that it could be compared to silk.

Its colour combines a dance of greyish yellows and dark browns with shades of chocolate or brown, depending on the tree's origin and growing conditions, giving it a unique beauty, topped with black veins that make it even more eye-catching.

If you are looking to raise the level of your home or business premises, a European walnut floor will be your greatest ally. Don't be afraid of the darkness they bring, as they can be perfectly combined with furniture or pieces in light tones that bring light and spaciousness to the composition.

American Walnut. Continuity and elegance
American Walnut and other tropical species shows wood with more neutral and darker tones than the previous one, showing a mixture of brownish to reddish yellows with slightly darker veins within the same chromatic ranges. Its veins are also more homogeneous than those of the previous one with continuous and straight lines, slightly darker in the tropical wood.

Both woods are stable to work with and of very high quality. Offering elegant and exclusive designs, but with a higher price than other woods due to its quality.

Sobriety without losing an ounce of personality
If you are looking for a classic and timeless room, but at the same time full of style and unique essence, the walnut floor is for you. Its texture, full of nuances, but not very knotty, together with the warm brown tones, make it a sober and elegant floor without giving up that special beauty that only walnut wood is capable of transferring to the environment.

It is a pore-protected model, making it ideal for u se in high-traffic areas such as a living room, office or commercial premises. Like all our pore protected models it comes with a 20 year guarantee and is available in various sizes. If this is what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more about this type of flooring and help you choose the best option for you.