Why to choose wood flooring vs laminate flooring

Why to choose wood flooring vs laminate flooring

12 Dec 2018

When choosing a floor, many questions arise: what colour do I choose? What size do I choose? And the most important: what material is the best for my needs? Other factors such as price or even climate can affect the decision, but wood is undoubtedly a material that has an advantage over laminate or vinyl floors. 

To begin with, wood is a natural material and, in our case, it comes from sustainably managed forests. It is an ecologically friendly product that cares about the environment, has low air emissions and in general it contributes to taking care of forests.

Also, you will not find two identical trees. Each plank will be different to the next one thus creating a unique flooring with unrepeatable styles. This avoids patterns that create a an artificial appearance as in laminate floorings. 

Second, wood provides health benefits and improves your wellbeing. As it is a living material that absorbs moisture, it is the ideal floor for people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Not only that, but, being a thermal insulator, the overall temperature of your home will be more stable. You won’t need to modify your heating system that often and actually you will save some money by improving your energetic efficiency. In addition, as a natural acoustic insulator, you will find yourself more relaxed by reducing the sound of your footstep. If you add to all these factors the pleasure of walking barefoot on a warm floor versus stepping on a cold and plastic product, you will decide on the wood without a doubt. 

In addition, despite what most people think, wood is a resistant and highly durable material that improves over time. With proper maintenance it can last for centuries without losing a bit of beauty. Step & Wall in particular, does not require sanding, so with adequate cleaning, it’s a floor that needs low maintenance. Regarding the price, Step & Wall is in a similar rango to that of artificial materials, but has all the advantages of a quality parquet. 

For all these reasons, getting home, taking off your shoes and forgetting about external stress is easier if you have a natural product such as wood on the floor. If you are looking for a high quality product, with beautiful designs and great resistance, Step & Wall will certainly satisfy your needs.