How to create a cosy Xmas atmosphere

How to create a cosy Xmas atmosphere

17 Dec 2018

It is already that time of year that some hate and others… we just love it. Decoration is essential to create a cosy atmosphere during this jolly season. Not only for making everyone feel comfortable but also for fighting against the cold temperatures.

The materials you choose are really important to achieve a pleasant and warm environment. Mohair and wool blankets, velvet cushions and in general thick fabrics help to feel snug and wrapped up in your sofa. A good duvet and a plaid on the bed will make you want to sleep in forever. And of course, our favourite material, wood, will add to this whole halo of warmth. Used on the floor it allows you to walk barefoot with thick socks but even better, it also helps to balance the temperature since it is a good heat conductor ideal for radiant floors. In furniture it adds that rustic touch you might find in a country house that you do not want to leave. Even a wooden panelling on the dining room wall will make your evenings a success. The planks can be placed horizontally to increase the visual extension of the room or vertically, to create a visual effect of higher walls. Also, between each plank you can leave a 4 mm slot to reinforce the rustic style or, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, use the same click that is used on the floor so there is no gap between them.

Apart from the use of materials, if you are a skilled person you can even create an original and different Christmas tree with the boards that have been left over from the floor or the wall installation. Simply cut 6 tables each with 10 cm difference between them, center them so that they shape the tree and fix them to the wall with double-sided tape. The tinsel is up to you, but you will create a different and original tree which you won’t make you sweep every 5 minutes and that does not occupy space. Only benefits when you are using wood to create a Christmas atmosphere.