Herringbone pattern

Herringbone pattern

06 May 2021

Herringbone patterned flooring is a classic that is coming back home. The perfect balance between traditional and modern. They bring a special character to the rooms, with a more dynamic and sophisticated profile, which is able to break the monotony and combines perfectly with different modern spaces and environments such as coworking spaces, cafes, galleries, lounges, lofts ...

They are a reference of style that was already fashionable some time ago and now they are back in trend.  Therefore, we want to be part of the current interior design and keep our catalog updated including this curious and striking pattern of floors.

Maintaining the same features and with the same ease of assembly thanks to the Unifit X system, anyone can place this floor on their own at home, you just have to have the good taste to place it. 

Within this type of flooring we can find variations such as the double herringbone, which places two boards in a row in each zigzag, instead of one. The French Heringbone is another option, which miter cuts the boards, leaving a straight line of separation at each change of direction. This, of course, is a more labor-intensive and costly process, which should involve a specialist.