Why you should panel your walls with wood

Why you should panel your walls with wood

19 Apr 2021

A new and curious way to add an extra point to the design of your home is to cover the walls with wood. We all think... How strange, wood should go exclusively on the floor and, even so, we have surely seen wood walls a lot of times.

Well, if we play our cards right and know how to apply them well, we will realize that wood is a natural and warm material, which always gives a little cozier touch to our home.

If we want to get out of the classic solutions such as paint finish, which is clearly an option as effective as aesthetic, we will realize that coating the walls with other materials such as wood can give us a lot of play. As with the floors, we can make patterns, place them vertically and horizontally, use recycled wood, different species and colors, etc.

On the other hand, this gives us a number of benefits in the room, on the one hand we can adapt to countless styles of decoration, cover flaws in the walls and as if that were not enough, improves thermal and acoustic insulation of the room.

In Step & Wall we want to bring wood to your home and to your taste, offering the best quality of our products and adapting them in the most convenient way to your walls too.