Sustainable Manufacturing on Earth Day and every day

Sustainable Manufacturing on Earth Day and every day

22 Apr 2019

At Step & Wall we are aware of the delicate situation the Earth is going through. That is why each stage of manufacturing has been thought of carefully with nature in mind which enables us to consider it sustainable manufacturing. But what does that mean, exactly?

First of all, we work with local wood species to reduce carbon footprint. Our oaks and pines come from Spanish and French forests which are sustainably managed. Once we start manufacturing, we press our planks with low VOCs glues and we varnish with Bona products that allow us to have an A + rating in air quality. Finally, we take into consideration all packaging and we avoid the use of polystyrene and other plastics that generate waste and cannot be recycled.

However, that’s not all: we have designed Step & Wall’s Wild collection. We recover wooden beams from old buildings, we upcycle them and we turn them into high quality wood flooring. After a delicate process of restoration, Step & Wall offers four tonalities that are obtained with natural pigments: white, natural, honey and gray. This is how we take recycling one step further and we create wood planks of extraordinary beauty that highlight the value of the old while at the same time promoting an eco-friendly attitude.

At Step & Wall we take care every day of planet Earth by having a sustainable company ethos including design, manufacture and packaging.