Cork: sound off

Cork: sound off

04 Apr 2019

Cork is a natural and ecological material so its many advantages are used in the manufacture of wooden floors. These are the reasons why Step & Wall adds it to the backside of each plank:

Firstly, sound quality is considerably improved. That is to say, heavy stomping is silenced due to the noise absorption that floating platforms or laminated floors cannot perform. In addition, cork will also dampen general noise so your home will have a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere.

Another important feature is its quality as an insulator, not only acoustic, as we have just seen, but also thermal. This helps maintain the ambient temperature and reduce the oscillations between hot and cold which overall is more energy efficient. Wherever underfloor heating is used, cork also helps obtain maximum performance as it protects wood while allowing heat transmission.

In our desire to preserve nature, cork is a material with low environmental impact: not only it is 100% recyclable, but it is also manufactured near our facilities, which means that carbon footprint is very low.

By combining the properties of wood and cork in a single product, antiallergic attributes are enhanced: these are hypoallergenic materials that do not generate dust, repel mold and are especially indicated for people with asthma. Likewise, the cork layer prevents the use of additional insulating blankets during the installation, which reduces work hours and waste generated.

Advantages for those who enjoy Step & Wall at home, for installers and of course, for nature.