How to take care of my natural wood floor

How to take care of my natural wood floor

05 Jun 2021

Wooden floors are very beautiful and have very beneficial properties for our home. And there are times when a scratch, a bad treatment or any carelessness can destroy our favourite piece of furniture, floor or wall. This can cause us real headaches, since our eyes will only see that defect and not the rest. So that you do not have to change that board or the entire floor, so that your good investment lasts over time and continues to maintain its good aesthetics, there are some tips that we are going to tell you. As professionals in the wood sector we recommend:


Dry cleaning is recommended, using a broom or mop frequently, to avoid the presence of grit, gravel, or elements that can scratch the surface. 


 All-purpose cleaners tend to create a dull layer on the wood. Do not use them. If you need to apply any cleaning products, please refer directly to the products provided by our varnish manufacturer Bona. Do not use mops or wet cleaning products. In case you need to clean with water, do it as infrequently as possible, and with the mop strongly wrung out to avoid excess moisture. 

Revive the appearance of the varnish: 

In case of excess wear or scratches, it is possible to use a wood varnish restorer to repair or lessen that appearance. When the floor is placed in places with abundant presence of liquids (such as kitchen or bathroom), it is necessary to apply by default such a restorer. We highly recommend the restorer provided by our own manufacturer
The recommendation for floors laid in normal places is to apply the restorer four times a year, with a perfectly clean surface.