Flooring class 31, 32, 33

Flooring class 31, 32, 33

19 Jul 2021

The flooring classification refers to a way of limiting the type of flooring for each room. In other words, with the corresponding standard, tests are carried out to define which floor is the most suitable for each space.

Flooring with class 31 is for private individuals, a floor with light wear and tear.
Flooring with class 32 can have a moderate commercial use.
Flooring with class 33 is suitable for heavy commercial use.

Each type of floor must meet a test designed for it, depending if it is a laminate, parquet, flooring, carpet... In the case of Step & Wall, it complies with the EN 685 standard. The standard specifies that the product will perform for at least 10 years without problems when used in the designated room type, provided that the floor has been installed according to the instructions and is used and cared for in accordance with the stipulations.

In addition, at Step & Wall, an additional warranty is offered which allocates 15 years for class 31 floors and 20 years for class 32 and 33 floors