DIY. Replace your own floor

DIY. Replace your own floor

28 Jul 2021

Are you also a lover of immersing yourself in new projects? If you are already familiar with the DIY movement, you certainly are. If not, let's explain it quickly and simply. DIY means Do It Yourself, and it is a very big movement, what we used to call the typical "handyman" for home repairs, is now being taken to all sectors and projects. The point is that this movement is growing thanks to the ease nowadays of access to all kinds of information, assembly tutorials, process tutorials and others that allow us to take the reins in some projects. 

Not least in the case of fitting a new floor in your home, as we all love the choosing the colour, tone and other details part of the buying process, but then we are faced with the all important decision: should I fit the floor myself or hire a professional? Once we have chosen the design we want to see the result, and here we will see if you are really part of the handyman movement, if you are a DIY or not. In any case, what is clear to us is that the installation of Step & Wall floors couldn't be easier, thanks to the patented click system of Unifit X, which allows an installation suitable for anyone, even if they don't know much about the subject. Just follow the instructions carefully and you'll see that it's just as easy as it looks.

So if you are thinking about changing the floor of your house and immersing yourself in new projects, remember the facilities that we offer you at Step & Wall, and most importantly, do not hesitate to share the experience with us.