The beauty of imperfection

The beauty of imperfection

04 Aug 2021

In other post of the blog, we talk about decoration styles and today, we would like to get deeper on Wabi-Sabi style. Wabi, in general, means “the simplicity’s beauty, and Sabi, that means “the passage of time and decay”, get combined to born this new culture at Japan. So, the most relevant points here are imperfections along time, highlighting rustic and natural values, that brings cool stories through this imperfections. 

Rustic, Wild and Crack collections are the most similar to this gender. They bring us an environment full of strength, character, personality and a long story to tell us, marked over time by the knots, cracks, chaos…

Sometimes, beauty is on the details, and you can see details from multiple perspective, but if you are imaginative, you can create uncredible and fantastic new worlds.