Japan’s curious wood preservation technique

Japan’s curious wood preservation technique

23 Sep 2021

It is the “Yakisugi”. This is a traditional process that emerged a long time ago to look for another way to get a better conservation method for wood on exterior áreas. Its etymology consists of “Yaki”, which means to heat with fire and “Sugi” which is the name of the Japanese cedar. 

When we burn the exterior layer of wood we protect it from external conditions to get a better durability. Even today, this process is gaining notoriety again, so in addition to give a new aesthetic form, it can be cheaper tan another chemical modern processes.

Now we are going to explain how is the process to get a Good result from this ancient technique:

First of all, the wood must be completely dry, to avoid any deformations. It is important to clean the surface too.

The wood is burned with a blow torch, and it must be a layer of about 3 or 4 mm. It doesn’t exist a specific machine to do this process. The combustión is stopped with water.

The charred wood is brushed to leave the final surface and washed with water to clean it. 

Finally, you can apply a finish, it can be a barnish or an oil, o what the final product ask for to get our “Yakisugi”.