The beauty of extra-large planks

The beauty of extra-large planks

21 Jan 2019

Flooring takes up one of the largest spaces within a home. Therefore, choosing the right design and the right dimensions for each space, is key towards defining your deco style. Not too long ago, wooden floors were made out of small boards, cutouts that were placed together in any room. However, today, combining the newest technology in the market and our experience in the industrial sector of wood, Step & Wall is able to produce extra-large planks of 2420 mm by a width that goes up to 265 mm  whilst average sizes from other manufacturers are usually around 2000 mm x 190 mm.

This XL measure is highly valued by designers and architects as it highlights the beauty of natural wood and allows to fully appreciate the pattern that forms its grain. In addition, as there are fewer visible joints it helps to create the feeling of wider and cleaner spaces. Therefore, this type of floors provide an elegant and luxurious style to any size room.

If you your space available sizable our extra-large and extra-wide planks will look gorgeous, but if you have a standard size room, Step & Wall suggests a different option: combining the extra-large planks of 2420 mm with different widths (265 mm, 230 mm, 185 mm) to recover the vintage style of reclaimed flooring. In this way, visual rhythm is created and the floor acquires a dynamic and very refined effect. The possibilities are unlimited with the combination of widths and contribute to create unrepeatable designs. Only with the larger dimensions offered by Step & Wall it is possible to create that vintage and industrial look.

Step & Wall has focused on going beyond the standard to offer versatile measures and meet the needs of projects that seek to be unique and different. We have up to 8 different dimensions available plus, we are always looking for bespoke project, so you can let us know what you need and we will customise your floor.