How to design unique interiors

How to design unique interiors

04 Feb 2019

The challenge of designing interiors with style requires a constant update in trends and ideas. Nature is always a great source of inspiration and thanks to it, wood is recovering its place. It offers advantages over other materials in terms of properties and has the ability to incorporate different designs without losing the rustic and natural touch.

With this in mind, we have designed a series of collections that highlight the reclaimed aesthetics of a vintage style. The natural characteristics of the wood, its knots and veins, bring personality and differentiation to the figures on the floor. There are no patterns, they are unique designs that distinguish one home from another.

In Step & Wall we have accentuated this uniqueness through the Wild and Crack collections. In the first one, we use reclaimed wood from beams from old buildings and we restore it so that it shines in all its splendor. With spectacular designs that maximize the effect of time passing by, we value the beauty of the old and recycled. Reusing the wood, recovering a natural product and giving it life, we contribute to reduce the consumption of raw materials and offer a truly unique floor, with its own history and 100% ecological.

In the Crack collection we turn the defect into virtue. The cracks are forced, the wood is torn and the main aesthetic particularity becomes a distinctive element with its own identity. These floors available in natural, cream, honey and gray, are ideal to create exclusive designs, impossible to imitate. Each plank is different from the other, has a bold design and we are totally loving it
Therefore, our value proposition is to create interiors with personality in domestic or commercial interiors, is based on enhancing aesthetics using a natural material with a strong design feature and environmental awareness.

Each person is unique, Step & Wall floors too.