New Flooring Collection 2022

New Flooring Collection 2022

10 May 2022
We are proud to show you the new Step & Wall 2022 flooring collection. It has been many years of work to offer a quality product with good guarantees. The fusion of beauty and technology in the same natural wood floor. And it seems that we have succeeded. Therefore, we are renewing our image and our catalogue, to keep improving and offer the best version of ourselves every day. And this 2022 we bring 7 new floor designs that we are going to add to our wide catalog.

Diamond Oak, Clay Oak, Gold Oak, Zircon Oak, Opal Oak and Silver Oak for the Mineral Collection.
Ash for the Classics Collection.

New designs. Fresher. References that adapt to market demand.

We have decided to extend the range of tones in the Mineral Collection with Diamond oak. The lightest and brightest of our collection, which will bring light everywhere in your home. To the most colorful, for the most energetic and full of life as is the Gold oak. The Clay oak has a sandy brown tone, which will transport you to a place of calm and relax. Zircon and Opal oak have a darker tone for rustic or elegant environments, perfect to give a contrast to your home. The silver oak is our choice in neutral gray, which is so fashionable and is perfect for a modern decor, typical of a loft where you want to keep a good lighting and not risk with the color of the floor.

Which one is your favorite?