Do you want to know the secret of natural wood floors?

Do you want to know the secret of natural wood floors?

15 Jun 2022
The set of its components.
Technological advances allow us to modify products to the demands of the consumer, optimising performance and improving the quality of life in our daily lives.

Step & Wall's natural wood floors are no exception. We optimise natural resources, offer better performance than a traditional floor and with the guarantee of a quality floor up to 20 years.

Step & Wall Characteristics

Now let's talk a little more in detail about each of the elements:
The backing is an HDF (High Density Fiber) board which gives our floor better performance compared to traditional 3 mm floors. Extra impact protection, very good resistance and durability.

We press a 0.6 mm layer of natural wood on top of this board. This layer, being so thin, avoids marks as it is perfectly protected by the board and the varnish. In addition to obtaining the same wood finish, we use 5 times less natural resources than a traditional 3 mm thick floor.
The finish consists of eight layers of BONA Varnish, which are the wood's protective shield against abrasion and daily wear and tear, even for moderate commercial traffic.

Under the HDF backing, we find a 0.6 mm natural wood backing that will provide greater stability and firmness to the whole.
Finally, a 2 mm thick sheet of cork is added, which will make the floor more comfortable and pleasant to walk on, as well as providing marvellous acoustic and thermal insulation features, culminating in a high quality natural wood floor.

Step & Wall.