Working from home

Working from home

19 Jan 2022

The reality is that working from home is actually a common working method. It is cheaper for the companies and flexible for the workers. Some people already prefer work from home than wasting time going to the office. Get the possibility of work in confortable clothes, your own pyjama with no getting out from home. The other ones still prefer the conventional method, and not to mix work and home.

Anyway, this is officialy a trend so we would like to help or inspire to this new generation of “teleworkers” with some ideas to get healthy work routines.

First step, it is important to keep in mind that you are going to work, so get up, take a good breakfast to start the day and let’s go. You have to look for a lighly environment, a good light give us an energic and clearful space. Dark spaces just will remember you to get back to bed.

A big table and confortable chair are important to develop your activity anywere, with your computer or whatever. Ergonomy at the office is really important, because of your longer time health, so keep this in mind and try to get good routines and ergonomy tendencias at your work time, it is too many hours at the course of the day.