Real Wood Flooring with underfloor heating

Real Wood Flooring with underfloor heating

16 Feb 2022

When winter arrives, we all know the unpleasant sensation of walking barefoot on a cold floor, looking for the warmest place in our house. That is why one of the great advantages of natural wood flooring at home is that pleasant feeling of warmth in your feet but in addition, Step & Wall wood floors are compatible with underfloor heating.

First of all, we must explain that underfloor heating is a system that works thanks to the installation of pipes, which carry water with or without additives as heating fluid, hidden under the floor. This operation is included in the UNE-EN 1264 standard and we can highlight its high performance and low visual impact. It can be used in both directions, to heat or cool the romos. Step & Wall floors allow us to heat a room safely up to a temperature of 27ºC.

Some of the advantages of underfloor heating are:

  • It consumes less energy (between 10% and 20% less energy compared to traditional radiators.
  • They will create a very pleasant sensation when walking barefoot on your floor.
  • They acclimatize the room from floor to ceiling in a homogeneous way, as the heat tends to rise. 
  • They prevent the formation of air currents, reducing the presence of dust in the rooms.